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Lick My Pussy Valentine
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1. Internet Cupid
2. I'm Throbbing For You
3. To My Best Bud
4. Be My Valentine
5. Suicidal Single (Guy)
6. Suicidal Single (Girl)
7. My Dear Office Crush
8. How About Some Anal?
9. Secret Crush
10. Nacho Valentine

1. Lick my ...
2. I'm wearing whip
3. Get me a damn ring
4. Nacho girl
5. Recycle boyfriend
6. Call me for sex
7. Two-timing me
8. Office crush
9. Christmas turkey
10. Throbbing for you
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1. Second Biggest Penis
2. Old Guys Smell
3. Forget Therapy
4. Steve Jobs
5. I Have A Dream Too
6. It's They Not We
7. Abnormal Pap Smear
8. I Used To Be Anti-GMO
9. Sounding Board
10. Try Athlete Not Triathlete

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