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Lick My Pussy Valentine
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1. Internet Cupid
2. I'm Throbbing For You
3. To My Best Bud
4. Be My Valentine
5. Suicidal Single (Guy)
6. Suicidal Single (Girl)
7. My Dear Office Crush
8. How About Some Anal?
9. Secret Crush
10. Nacho Valentine

1. Lick my ...
2. I'm wearing whip
3. Get me a damn ring
4. Nacho girl
5. Recycle boyfriend
6. Call me for sex
7. Two-timing me
8. Office crush
9. Christmas turkey
10. Throbbing for you
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I said a Beer!

Stinky Chilean Miner Balls

The Upside to Cancer

Your Prius is Gay

Good Personality

Really, We are Breaking Up

Don't Drink and Post

Backache from Giant Dong

Sorry My Son Bullied Your Son

Dad You Should Come Over More Often

Ex Gives Great Head

Hope He Has A Giant Dong

I Used To Be Anti-GMO

Sounding Board

Try Athlete Not Triathlete

Itís They Not We

I Have a Dream Too

Abnormal Pap Smear

Second Biggest Penis

Old Guys Smell

Forget Therapy

Steve Jobs

You're bush was stinky anyway

Caller I.D.

I know some people I can set you up with

Come get your shit!


You're an asshole

You're getting big

Shave your nasty bush

You're a lifesucker

You're Whipped

Your glasses look like shit

You're depressed

You're always drunk and high

Button up Sasquatch

Bad Hair

Kiss My Ass

Bad Breath

I have an STD

Never Wear A Tube Top

Sober up and get a job fratboy

Your boyfriend is a prick

Your beard is chaffing my booty

Recycle Girlfriend

Recycle Boyfriend

Single Girl

Single Guy

1. Second Biggest Penis
2. Old Guys Smell
3. Forget Therapy
4. Steve Jobs
5. I Have A Dream Too
6. It's They Not We
7. Abnormal Pap Smear
8. I Used To Be Anti-GMO
9. Sounding Board
10. Try Athlete Not Triathlete

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